About Me

I grew up in the PNW mainly Seattle, WA. I am the fifth child of ten. (Yes, ten! 4 boys and 6 girls. I know, my mother is a saint.) My parents were raised on farms and understood the value of a good work ethic. I like to think they did a pretty good job of instilling that in me and the rest of my siblings. I have always worked. I had a paper route at 11 my first real job at 15. I’ve taken care of the elderly in home, been a nanny, and worked in retail to put me through school. I married my high school sweetheart in 2009 and moved to Tennessee where we lived for 1.5 years before moving to Indiana for my husbands masters degree in 2011. We planned to only stay for 2 years but as many plans in my life go, we just passed the 7 year mark in July. Ha! We have loved our time here and enjoy raising our family in the midwest. Miss our family terribly (mostly all out west) but feel this is where God wants us to be and until he says otherwise we will remain. 🙂


I have always been interested in the body. I grew up dancing and when at university took every dance class I could get into. I changed my mind on what I wanted to do so many times. I thought of being a dance teacher where I could help young girls have positive body image, become a physical therapist, or a personal trainer. It kept changing. Always had to do with the body though.  It wasn’t until I really looked into massage therapy that I knew I had found what I’d been searching for. You know, the warm fire that starts in your heart and rolls through every inch of you when you find it? I had found it. I graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Oct of 2009.


I worked for the first six years of my massage career in the spa industry.  It was such a great time in my life. Being around fellow massage therapists where I was able to bounce ideas off of, gain knew techniques, and the trades were a pretty great perk, too! However, once we had our first child in 2015 the desire to be home more with him helped give me the push I needed to step out on my own and start my own business. I started off with making house-calls until our basement was finished and I was able to work out of our home. I have loved working from home. It has it’s own challenges, but mostly it’s the best way to work! 


My Health Story…


After I had our son my whole world flipped upside down. I felt really off but could never put my finger on exactly how. I would mention it to my husband, but because I couldn’t put it into words I felt it must not be real. It wasn’t until my son was almost a year old that I found out I had been suffering form post-partum anxiety and then once I weened him post-partum depression. I suffered in silence for 11 months and then sought help for another 9 months. My doctor finally diagnosed me with chronic anxiety and depression. I knew I didn’t want to be on medication though. Seeing a therapist helped me greatly with understanding and finding my triggers as well as giving me the tools necessary to calm myself. It gave me hope I could manage without the meds. In order to avoid medication I knew I needed to find a more natural way. Through my research of ways to heal the body I found just how important what we put into our body is. The more I learned about food and it’s awesome healing powers I also started noticing the pain complaints my massage clients were having could be food related not just activity (or lack thereof) related. I also found something called Health Coach. That led me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I began classes in Jan 2017 and became certified in Jan of 2018. My love for the body has led me to my new love. My passion is to help others find the balance of a healthy lifestyle through coaching and mentoring them in way that allows them to learn the tools necessary for success. Massage I continue to use to help my clients become aware of their own bodies again and how they can feel. Both are great by themselves, but together, they help you become a force to be reckoned with.



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